Chelsea – Manchester City match is finishing with 0-2 points. To meet in the next encounter. Do not forget to add our site as a bookmark …

Live Match Time: FT Live Score: Chelsea 0-2 Manchester City

  • 58′ Minute, ( Manchester City ) S. Sergio Aguero 0 – 2
  • 13′ Minute, ( Manchester City ) S. Sergio Aguero 0 – 1

We are starting to live broadcast right now for Chelsea – Manchester City. Enjoy live broadcast narration

Chelsea vs Manchester City

Please wait the match hour (15:00) to starting of live stream.

We are together again in the match of Chelsea vs Manchester City that will be played on 15:00 today 05-08-2018. There is a little time to match starting but our StreamingScore.Net team trying to do best to tell you the match as quality. StreamingScore team presents all matches as live-stream like this match with a perfect way as instantly. If we return to the Chelsea vs Manchester City match, both of clubs looks like ambitious as always. According to our previous match researches, this match will be really hard and it is obvious. However we are going to convey you the most important moments of the Chelsea vs Manchester City match via our live stream narration service. In the Chelsea vs Manchester City match’s live narration, we convey you direct the goals of the match, cards that players see and the live moments of the match.

Chelsea – Manchester City Match Narration 05-08-2018

We want to give you brief information about our web site. When the today’s Chelsea vs Manchester City match time come (there may be 1-2 minutes delaying) our live narrating team will step in and will convey you the match’s minute, goals of match and the cards that player got.You only need to get the current informations about match is to stay on our web site and to follow the match. When the new developments occured in the match, we will update our live stream informations and we will convey you the status of game.
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